This is a mock project for Victorian tea and coffee packaging. The aim of it was to design 3D product following the styling of the set and then a photo shoot.

The Thompson Tea and Coffee Company based in Britain has been importing their products from Kenya for almost 150 years, so it would mean they started their trade journey during The Victorian Era. This was my starting point of the concept development.


Looking back now, I think I must have been inspired by the book I read as a child called In Desert and Wilderness wrote by Henryk Sienkiewicz. It tells a story of two kids travelling through Africa. The description of nature in the book is so superbly written that as a child I was able to imagine and feel the dust, the humidity, the burning sun heat, the smell of camels, leather, tea and yes coffee too if such was present.

I wanted to create a scenery of a picnic after a very long journey, somewhere in the middle of the desert beside rocks. The crew is sitting by the fire, preparing for the night. Dust, sand and scorpions are the company of the set.


For the typography I followed a tutorial on vintage signing, the link is here. My tea packaging was meant to be more green but the printer we had in the college caused some problems. I borrowed some old books and the scarves, bought the vintage cup at the antique shop and some old photographs with handwritten envelop at the flea market. I remember I paid €5 for the lot after negotiation! I guess I paid for the fact that I did NOT have it more than anything else!


After printing and folding the boxes we were ready for the styling and photoshoot. The final product is an ad campaign for Fallon&Byrne which here in Ireland is an exotic products store and a restaurant.


Victorian tea and coffee packaging
Victorian tea and coffee packaging
Victorian tea and coffee packaging
Victorian tea and coffee packaging




Kericho tea packaging


Kericho coffee packaging

Written by: Aleksandra Walkowska

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