Dublin in it's Holiness


Sadly Dublin is not the most friendly town for the cyclists. It is an old town and well, unfortunately, today roads cannot be stretched to gain more space for bikes. You really have to pay any attention here while cycling among the busy traffic. One can laugh at it as it can be either hilarious or very frustrating – depending on the mood … a bit like watching Monty Python.

I start with a question … Was there ever an earthquake or a tsunami that went through Dublin?
Cracked tiles on the pavement are moving under pedestrian’s feet as walking by. Like a broken eggshell that has not been sealed and probably never will be. Try not to lose your balance and you be fine.



There are also holes in the pavement! The same pavement that during weekends hosts alcohol’s connoisseur often supported on high heels. Those holes are totally unexpected, surprises – I prefer to call them as it is a better word than a – trap. A ‘surprise holes’ left open from a construction worker. Best avoided at night time.



There are splashes of concrete on the ground! Concrete is now bulging from the surface turning into miniature hills or layers of melting ground created by volcanic lava. Once there must have been an intention to ‘fix the problem’ but with the contrary result. Today they look like embedded prehistorical animals, watching pedestrians like crocodiles watch a prey on the river banks. Wait till they catch you!



To be fair it is not that bad, in fact, mostly it is fine (or did I just get use it?) – sadly the problems never seem to be fixed, just left to evolve in its neglect. Guess it makes the cyclist feel more alive!

But eh … shure that will do …


Photographs were taken on Camden Street, Rathmines and Rathgar.

Author: Walkowska Aleksndra