Dublin Tango documentary


One of the projects during the Visual Communication course I was studying in Dublin, was to make a documentary of a daily life using a manual camera. Below photographs were taken with Zenit camera, which was manufactured in Russia formerly the Soviet Union since 1952. I was using a film Ilford Delta 400. Later on, I used another college camera of a different brand with the same film (unfortunately I can not remember the name of it). The result is slightly different. The Zenit camera created more noise in the photographs.


The project was an eye opener to how much more skills were involved photographing manually. One had to be quick with an excellent understanding of the technology and the lighting. Each photograph had only one chance to come out successfully. Even if they are not perfect they are more natural and authentic … in my opinion.

Another positive aspect is developing them in the traditional way. Printouts extend the life of the photographs and can be passed to the next generations. Digitally stored photographs may last forever but will be seen by very, very few people who are around us physically at the given moment.

How sad really …

We can be heroes just for one day
We can be us just for one day

(Heroes by David Bowie)


Author: Walkowska Aleksandra