I have chosen three male characters from Shakespeare’s plays: Hamlet, King Lear and The Merchant of Venice. In styling the denim products, I wanted to create a display for male customers of M&S, creating a contemporary look mixed with the presence of Shakespeare’s characters and the versatility and long tradition of denim as a fashion material.

The year 2016 was the year of the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, this event became an inspiration for my project. Among other things, I also wanted to work in men’s fashion. It seems to me it is less restrictive than women’s fashion and also it is difficult to dress a man badly. The styling is very informal, and each of the models wears a denim fabric.

The most consuming of all was making the props: skull, mask, crown and wreath. Props have been preserved to this day, decorated with Swarovski crystals, they look very good on the white wall of my apartment.

Shakespearean characters fashion display
Shakespearean characters fashion display
Hamlet fashion display
Hamlet male fashion display
Merchant of Venice fashion display
The Merchant of Venice male fashion display
King Lear fashion display
King Lear fashion display
Hamlet and Merchant of Venice display
Hamlet and Merchant of Venice display
Contemporary Yorick skull
Contemporary Yorick skull
Merchant of Venice mask
The Merchant of Venice mask


Through my research, I found out some interesting facts about denim fabric. It has a long tradition goes back to as far as seventeen century. There is a dispute where did it originate from Italy or France?

The colour of denim wasn’t blue at the start and the Italian sailors in the city of Genoa where making trousers out of it for work in the harbours. The material was strong and sturdy. The French pronounce the word Genoa – Gênes, it may be the origin of the word jeans.

In France, in the city of Nîmes the French were trying to reproduce the jean but instead, they created similar fabric later on known as denim. From Nîmes as the French say de Nîmes – denim.


Display inspiration, denim and past modern trend
Display inspiration, denim, and past modern trend


King Lear inspiration
King Lear and Hamlet inspiration 



Theatrical information about the characters
Theatrical information about the characters


Shakespeare 400 poster
Information poster


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