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Hello! my name is Alex and I am a graphic designer and visual merchandiser. My blog features a wide range of design projects from interior and garden design to architecture, window display and craft. The sky is the limit! I love and appreciate design in all its forms and the creative minds behind it!

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Brass letterbox in Dublin, Ireland
THE DEVIL IN THE DOORS DETAIL The details are not the details. They make the design. Charles Eames~Architect&Furniture Designer WHAT
Phone box in Chapelizod, Dublin, Ireland
TOUR DE CHAPELIZOD Chapelizod is one of many places described by James Joyce in his book Ulysses. After reading chosen
Marvels of Science poster
BOOKS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD Marsh Library is located just beside St. Patrick Cathedral in Dublin. It is a truly
Space travel poster based on 1960s style. Cold War period.
SPACE TRAVEL POSTER The Cold War period was the time of geopolitical tension between the Soviet Union and the United
Olive bread packaging
THE BAKER ON NASSAU BREAD PACKAGING The brief asked for a label design for an imaginary gourmet bread line, produced
Victorian tea and coffee packaging
VICTORIAN STYLE PACKAGING FOR TEA & COFFEE This is a mock project for Victorian tea and coffee packaging. The aim
Victorian front garden
VICTORIAN CLUES To complete the journey on the Victorian architecture, here are some photographs that were taken in May 2018.
Rathgar House, Dublin, Ireland
VICTORIAN HOUSE IN DUBLIN Rathgar is a village in the south of Dublin with its origins going back to 1862.


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