A few weeks ago I was passing by The Instituto de Cervantes in Dublin and was attracted by the poster in the window. I decided to walk in a check the exhibition called Collection of Wonders. At first thought, it was an exhibition of a few different artists as the artwork, in my opinion, was quite versatile.


The exhibition Collection of Wonders gathers a selection of the most significant works by Isidro Ferrer, one of the most remarkable designers and illustrators from Spain known for his originality and genius. The show has a great number of his poster design work and book illustration and has been curated by Tina García, specialised in cultural management and illustration from Asturias, Spain.

Isidro Ferrer (Madrid, 1963) is currently one of the most representative artists in Spain in the fields of design and illustration. He has worked for international firms as a commercial artist, graphic designer and in animation and storyboarding for TV. In Spain, he has received the National Design Award in 2002, the National Illustration Award in 2006. He has also been granted a European Design Award in the Posters category in 2008 and gained the Silver in the Golden Label Awards in 2013. His work has been exhibited in numerous solo shows in Spain, France, Chile, Mexico or Portugal, among other countries. (text source Collection of Wonders)

I was studying graphic design here in Dublin for two years and I wish in the course I  was doing they would encourage students more to use different media. Like in Isidro Ferrer artwork. Handmade props in combination with photography and software for layout design. The posters are unique and very expressive while transferring the visual message.




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