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Hello! my name is Alex and I am a graphic designer and visual merchandiser. My blog features a wide range of design projects from interior and garden design to architecture, window display and craft. The sky is the limit! I love and appreciate design in all its forms and the creative minds behind it!

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post communism in Poland
TRANSFORMING WRZEŚNIA During the communist and post-communist times, the town like many others looked bare, skinned, dull and sad. As
Ulica Sienkiewicza we Wrześni przed wojną
WRZEŚNIA MY WRZEŚNIA I am born in and raised in Września but I have spent half of my life abroad.
Storms across Poland
HOPE At the begging of the new era, there was more optimism in the country. A date was set to
Solidarity movement poster with John Wayne as a cowboy
WILD WEST IN THE WILD EAST The Round Table Agreement happened on the 5th of April in 1989. Today it
HOW DID THE BRANDING LOOK LIKE? Probably the greatest advertisement and pride of Poland in the 1980s was Zbigniew Boniek,
WHAT HAPPENED IN THE 1970s? What’s the most significant thing that happened in my life in Poland in the 1970s?
WHAT WAS POLAND LIKE IN THE 1960s? My reflection of the Polish fashion and design in the 1960s is based
FSO Syrena Sport
Have you ever heard of 'the potato beetle propaganda' in the 1950's? So, here in Poland people were led to


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